About Blazizard: ERP Edit : Craving for threesome. If a girl could rp as two girls at the same time, I'd greatly appreciate it Incest or Classmates or Master-slave Starter for Master- Slave : *Im the son of a billionare. My father had fucked a servant after I was born and That servant gave birth to you. He hid both the servant and you in the basement for years so that his honor remains. He'd come and fuck and hurt you two almost everyday for the past 15 years. one day, he went extreme and the servant died. He decides that its time for him to move to another country. So, He decided to leave you to me as a slave. One day, He brought me down to the basement and showed you. I grinned , being the sadistic pervert I am , at the sight of you chained up to the wall spread eagled. all you are wearing is a black corset and a panty. My dad said "she will do anything you ask for. she is my parting gift to you along with this house. Use her in whatever way you see fit. Take care. Im out of here." And closes the door behind me. I lock the door and look at you with a smirk* Starter for Incest : *We are siblings. You : 15 and Me : 17. Our Parents are out on a business trip and wont be home for a week. We both love each other, but I'm too shy to admit it. You always try to seduce me , but somehow I had resisted till now. Today, You plan to definitely make me admit my love for you. Its 7 Pm and I just came home. I walk into the kitchen to see you wearing (Mention it). "Hey, whats for the dinner? " I ask which startles you* (I want you to be the naughty type of little sister who tries to seduce me whenever you get a chance to)